So... who is
Brian Crum?
As a professional, Brian has spent the past 12 years in various communications industries, including radio, television, public events, and more. He has been involved in the planning, production, and execution of various live events including concerts, conferences, festivals, and more, ranging in attendance size from only a few dozen to more than 300,000.

As a Marketer, Brian has been involved with the social & digital marketing spaces since 2011. During that time, he has helped pioneer social growth strategies for national and international clients, developed and implemented SEO strategies, and helped brands and organizations tell their story and grow their audiences, taking some from only a few thousand to over one million social followers in just a few short months.

In his personal life, Brian is also no stranger to struggles, whether it be through career challenges, financial downfalls, relationship failures, childhood health matters, and more. But one message that continues to resonate within him is that of God telling Brian: "I'm not done using you if you're not done being used." That's the message Brian seeks to share with any audience, regardless the size or exact topic: It's not over unless you choose to give up.

When he is not helping brands develop their voice, Brian spends his time with his son Logan, his fiancé Allison, and his dog Rogue. He recently completed his first Marathon (March 2019), and also enjoys a broad variety of other outdoor activities, including fishing, kayaking, hiking, and more.
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